S.F. has always loved a parade — cheering equally for a 150-foot dragon dancing across muddy streets in the 1880s and Giants players celebrating their latest championship in 2014. These events are confirmation to the world that S.F. still loves a good party. These numbers reflect our biggest parades. http://sfchron.cl/parades (via Peter Hartlaub)
  1. 1880
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    First Chinese New Year Parade covered by The Chronicle. The parade was already more than a decade old.
  2. 20,000
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    Number of participants in the 1945 World War II victory parade, the largest parade in San Francisco history at that time.
  3. 500,000
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    Estimated number of spectators at the World War II victory parade.
  4. 4.6
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    Miles covered in the Giants’ 1958 “Welcome to San Francisco” parade. It stretched from Seals Stadium in the Mission District down to Army Street before winding back up to downtown San Francisco.
  5. 500
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    Pounds of confetti dumped on the Giants during their 1958 parade.
  6. 4,500
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    Pounds of confetti dumped on the Giants during their 2014 victory parade.
  7. 25,000
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    Number of spectators that city leaders expected for the 49ers' Super Bowl XVI victory parade on Jan. 25, 1982.
  8. 500,000
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    Estimated number of spectators that did turn up at the Super Bowl XVI parade.