I moved to San Diego in February and may never go back.
  1. Grocery stores
    Walmart is not your primary source of food and household items. You never have to frequent there again.
  2. Beach.
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    You can go to the beach every day. Get used to this view.
  3. Car washes
    Most places hand wash your car. It will never cost less than $7 and you have to wash your car more than 4 times a year because of how many times you go to the beach.
  4. Pumpkin-spiced everything
    California takes it to a whole new level. Some food scientist, somewhere, is smiling.
  5. Distance
    The concern is no longer, how many miles away is that restaurant? It has been replaced with, how long will it take me to get there? For reference, my hometown is about 28 sq miles but only included 50,000 residents IF campus students were there. The number is cut in half, during the summer.
  6. Rent
    For my one bedroom apartment, back home, I could be renting in a 3B/2Ba house with a two car garage and tool shed in the backyard.
  7. Traffic
    To be honest, it is kind of fun to sit in traffic. I don't know how long that feeling will last, but for now, why not enjoy it? Plus, if I want to experience that small town traffic of no cars on the road, I just have to wake up before 8:30am on a weekend, and it's the same thing.
  8. Seasons
    There isn't a fall and winter anymore. It may get cold but no more autumn leaves. Oh, and no more wonderfully gut-wrenchingly loud thunderstorms. I will truly miss those.
  9. Less earthquakes felt
    Earthquakes started almost two years ago in Oklahoma because of the fracking. It is a very strange thing to not feel and hear the rumble beneath my feet.
  10. There is so much to do here that my indecisiveness takes over and I end up doing nothing.
    But at least I have the options, right?