Requested by @Nicholas, and created (sort of). For the real deal, I would have flown to Mexico to fact check all of this.
  1. You can make it with earth.
    No, you can't, but it is a natural substance.
  2. The water has magical properties.
    Img 1378
    Maybe. The promotional copy that is duplicated across the web attributes healing properties to the water. It is drawn from the base of the Cerro del Topo Chico mountain near Monterrey. The mineral water cured a king's daughter, allegedly, a long time ago. I think this water is definitely magical but I also think Eddie is magic. That is a picture of Eddie right there.
  3. The bubbles are fire made water.
    You can't make fire from water, duh, but the bubbles are intense.
  4. It is my favorite drink.
    Img 1372
    This is true. This photo was taken on June 30th of 2016, and it depicts a room in the actual house that I actually live in.
  5. She has the range.
    Screen shot 2016 07 01 at 9.29.37 am
    She does.