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    You may feel weird about it, as if you're being a pretentious office worker, but cut up your salad! Cut up the leftover brisket and make a stew. Cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut.
  2. Box grater
    You don't realize how handy this thing is until you start thinking outside the box. Beyond hard cheese you make the most out your citrus with zest, garlic and ginger get added to everything, and you can cut thick root stuff flat with the plane side
    Suggested by @dcerruti
  3. Corkscrew
    A halfway decent one, too, to avoid the pulled muscles and blistered hands and shattered bottles and disintegrated corks and general dissatisfaction.
    Suggested by @dmoxley
  4. A real ice cream scoop. You really don't have to kill yourself trying not to bend a spoon.
    Suggested by @gb9k