I love you. Help me. Whaaaaat.
  1. Cream or half-and-half is the default dairy option for coffee in so many LA spots. Considering the city's health vibe, this seems weird. Then, two friends alleged that you need less cream to dilute the coffee, and/or milk had more sugar. Ummm what? WebMD and Yahoo and Jeeves didn't agree with that one.
  2. New Yorkers should kiss the A train every day. MTA bus and subway coverage in NYC is magic reality. LA has a metro system and it is expanding. I believe in it and will come to love it, but I've not used it and have seen few metro stations.
  3. There is no way to screw up hiking in LA. I love it every time I do it.
  4. Even when sidewalks are wide, LA doesn't want you to be a pedestrian. The lights stay green for twelve seconds on some streets. Los Feliz Boulevard is the Neva. You should allow twenty minutes for crossing it on foot.
  5. Traffic complaints, eh. My hubris leads me to think "A CAR IS A PLACE TO BLAST MUSIC! BRING IT ON!" but I am going to be bitching in about a week.
  6. I can't see how lawns and combo fan/spray bottles are legal during a drought.