"No Country For Old Men" in Twenty Frames

  1. You look at it when you get in.
  2. Would you hold still please, sir?
  3. Hold still.
  4. Ultimo hombre.
  5. That'll work.
  6. Now is not a time.
  7. That look like about a '77 Ford to you, Wendell?
  8. Looking for a man who has recently drunk milk?
  9. The kind with the most poles.
  10. Médico.
  11. And you're not dead.
  12. An ATM.
  13. It's unusual.
  14. Nobody.
  15. That's how many.
  16. Signs and wonders.
  17. How fresh is that coffee?
  18. The coin don't have no say.
  19. You got a bone sticking out of your arm.
  20. Then I woke up.