Forgive the corny bits.
  1. Girl, roughly seven, wearing a sequined dress under a raincoat, jumping over cracks and holding Dad's hand as he holds forth on something she doesn't care about but still listens to.
  2. Man, in suit, impassively gripping subway column, making a point that the rush hour cannot hold meaning for him.
  3. Dog, newly shorn, chained to a fence while owner eats eggs at an outdoor table.
  4. Driver, resigned, sitting in a town car, futzing with Sirius, waiting for someone.
  5. Boy, newly graduated, delaying feelings of loss by partying two years ahead of himself.
  6. Woman, beyond her limits, waiting in line to buy unhealthy food for someone who is entirely capable of getting it for himself.
  7. Woman, improbably loud, holding forth about her family in the middle of tense little league game.