1. The stampertje/Dutch drink stirrer
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    This may or may not be called a "stampertje" (which is the word for a thumper bunny rabbit or something) but it is what people in Amsterdam use. You can stir the drink, while also muddling your lime or lemon with the flat, circular end. Think about that attenuated black junior strawlet you get with American cocktails. What can you do with that except feel dumb? Or drink really really slowly.
  2. Penny sleeves
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    Your banker will love you if you roll up your pennies before arriving all clanking and random.
  3. Folding sunglasses.
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    Not expensive. Very convenient. Think about it.
  4. The shark stapler.
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    The top-loading Swingline is loud and violent and inaccurate. The Rapid Classic 1 needs one gentle squeeze and your documents are united. The civilized perforation choice.
  5. Name rubber stamp
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    Not technically useful but it reminds me of my dad and old New York.