1. Don't say "I feel/think/love" about someone's design during critique. It's far too personal.
    Literally everyone says this all the time and there is no stopping it.
    Currently still don't fully understand the grid.
  3. If you do the research, you will make this process much easier
  4. There is a HUGE difference between a typeface and a font
    Oh shit, sorry?
  5. Well, what do you think?
    Idk that's why I asked you. 🙃
  6. Always back up your files or you will lose them then hellfire will consume us all and your lives will be the worst from here on out also you will not get a job and cry a lot.
    Exaggerated? You decide.
  7. If you're not following along with me, I can't help you.
    I wish you were a tutorial video so I could pause and replay you with ease but alas, here we are.
  8. Why did you do that?
    I literally just moved a square .5 inches to the right because you're hovering behind me and I got nervous and had to do something *inhales sharply*
  9. No food or drinks in the computer lab.
    *slides entire burrito with soft drink under desk* Right. Yup.