1. Scott Pilgrim VS the World
    I will defend this movie until the end of time. Clever, funny, and star-studded cast.
  2. Short Term 12
    Amazing perspective on life and love's impact on all ages. Brie Larson gives emotional and phenomenal performance.
  3. 500 Days of Summer
    Watch this while single, post breakup, or while dating someone and you will catch feels no matter what. ZOOEY
  4. Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl
    While this is about a girl with cancer, it somehow succeeds in humor as well. Refreshing and (disclaimer) will make you cry. Duh.
  5. Frances Ha
    HEY LADIES! Looking for a movie that's smart, unique, includes an independent female lead, and not centered around the girl needing a guy? You're welcome.
  6. Rushmore
    An older Wes Anderson with fanatic storyline and quite a bit of heart. Young Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray combo is perfect.
  7. Amélie
    The cutest lil damn movie you've ever laid eyes on. Watch it and have eternal warm fuzzies and a smile on your face the entire time. Plus it's visually stunning.
  8. The Skeleton Twins
    Another sad movie but if you dig them, you're in for a treat. Also succeeds in being funny, but very different/dark roles for Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader.