1. Humans feel emotion, robots do not
  2. Humans are weak, robots are as strong as the materials they're composed of
  3. Humans die, robots stop functioning
  4. Humans feel pain, robots have no sensation
  5. Humans are creative, robots are only as creative as their creator allows
  6. Humans can reproduce, robots cannot
  7. Humans have the ability to have religious faith, robots believe in only the laws that govern them
  8. Humans operate on whim, robots only function based on their programming
  9. Humans have free will and choice, robots only function based on their programming
  10. Humans kill other humans, robots only kill based on their programming
  11. Humans lie, robots only lie based on their programming
  12. Humans fuck because it feels good, robots have no desire for intercourse and do not fuck
  13. Humans are empathetic, robots have no emotion other than what their programming defines
  14. Humans have survival instinct, robots only know existing
  15. Humans are conscious, robots are not self-aware