Always been listing. Retrieved from a notebook that my "BFF" & I used to pass back and forth sophomore year of high school (with original commentary).
  1. Curse of Curves- Cute Is What We Aim for
    Old, I know, but I've been listening to it a lot lately. It's catchy =]
  2. That Green Gentleman/ Northern Downpour- Panic at the Disco
    I really like that band. Idk why, but I do, A LOT haha. Imma freak.
  3. Starlight- Muse / Super massive black hole- Muse
    Idk it's kinda weird like his voice kinda gets weird & high in places but I love it. They're kind of a more out there version of Coldplay in my opinion.
  4. If You Can Afford Me- Katy Perry
    (Her whole album really) funny, upbeat, catchy. I bought her album & like it. "If you want me, stop begging. I don't put out for charity." Hahahaha. That ⬆️ makes my life.
  5. Sleeping Sickness/ The Girl/ Save Your Scissors all by City and Colour
    So basically it's this guy and an acoustic guitar. And it's completely amazing. My cousin introduced me to them over break. Haha. =]
  6. Right Now- Akon
  7. Pretty much the whole new AAR* album
    *EDITORS NOTE: All American Rejects
  8. Green Light- John Legend
  9. Shrink the World- Yellowcard
  10. Universal Min Control- Common
    "I stay fresh like I'm wrapped in plastic" =]
  11. FOB's new album. Especially she's my Winona
    Yeah I am completly (sic) obsessed with this. It's so sweet/cute/amazing. I've been listening to it A LOT lately
  13. ... and my ipod died
  14. 2009 ~AESTHETIC~ pt 1
  15. 2009 ~AESTHETIC~ pt 2