1. They didn't make the Instagram cut
  2. I still feel bad for the lil guys though
  3. All edited up & nowhere to go
  4. "La Vie En Throws"
    Not a huge fan of this color palette. Really thought it would look more interesting. Caption had such potential even though I've done a similar joke before. Doesn't play well with others, but would do well in a single photo home!
  5. Untitled Jack's Mannequin Shot No. 1
    I did a video & so I felt that pics in addition would be excessive. The lighting at this show was KILLER though! Lots of energy & v playful!!
  6. Untitled Jack's Mannequin Shot No. 2
    Sick lighting part 2. A lil blurry. Lots of personality that could really suit the right owner!
  7. "M"
    Funny caption but the picture itself ain't that good looking. This guys requires a home that could give him a lil TLC!
  8. Untitled Boston/ Citgo sign at sunset
    Wow Boston is beautiful. Sat on this guy too long because I couldn't come up with a funny caption (nice pic + funny caption= v on brand for shacara_shacara) this lil guy is perfect for an owner who loves to cuddle in the winter!!
  9. Untitled @hpryfogle
    Tbh I forgot about this one until it was too late. Hannah is an actual dairy angel who is house trained as well!
  10. Please apply below with your: name, age, follower count, & how you feel you can take care of these photos!