Basically I'm a mess
  1. Baddie
    Fresh as hell. I'm initially attracted to its confidence. I'd get into it telling a little lie about how I like basketball & it would end in a dramatic confession when this aesthetic would get me season tickets for my birthday.
  2. Pastel goth
    Holy cow this aesthetic looks good. But after some fun, i remember I'm an adult who needs to look like one.
  3. Pinterest Princess
    Very put together & on top of things in a seemingly laid back way. Far too type A & gets really passive aggressive with me about the state of my nail beds.
  4. Soft grunge
    We love to listen to our 90s jams together & eat dunkaroos. I love how chill & effortless this aesthetic is. Ultimately it just isn't the right fit though because I'm not skinny enough to make oversized look chic.
  5. Indie
    This look was fun & cute & a great time. We really seemed to vibe, but ultimately I couldn't get this aesthetic to understand what cultural appropriation was & why you shouldn't wear a headdress. The final straw was when I figured out just HOW MANY psychotropic drugs it was using.
  6. Witch house
    As much as I admire this aesthetic, there's no way in hell I could bring it back to my occult fearing Irish-Catholic mother.
  7. Normcore
    I really thought this aesthetic & I stood a chance. It appreciated me for my dad jokes & was always down to just hang. Things were just a little too comfortable though & it never really seemed like the right fit.
  8. Boss Bitch ™
    This aesthetic has it's shit together. I wanna show this aesthetic off to my parents. But at the end of the day, I wanna have an aesthetic I can relax with. Also, let us not forget that heels are of the devil & who wants to live in that agony
  9. Twee
    Sweet & adaptable, this aesthetic really had "THE ONE" potential. Eventually though, I would grow resentful of the copious Instagram photo shoots that needed to be perfectly centered alá Wes Anderson.