Inspired by @roaringsoftly & @brittscott for still doing it late in the game
  1. Hello new listers / new followers!!!
  2. My name is Cara
    Selfie I took yesterday after practicing graduation makeup / vanity
  3. My handle is in honor of her highness Shakira
  4. I live in Boston (for now)
    I'm wanting to move back to Texas. Probably will end up back with my parents in IL for a bit to live the ~millennial dream~
  5. I am about to graduate with my MSW
    This Monday. Studied clinical social work with a concentration on children, youth, & families. Currently seeking employment. Want to do some kind of adolescent therapy.
  6. I'm v passionate about mental health
    ^for above stated reasons + many others
  7. I love this annoying lil pea pod
  8. I think the gradual zoom is comedy perfected
  9. I lied earlier, I wear glasses
    Sorry folks, I hope we can all learn to trust again
  10. Love alternative rock & live shows
    Some current favorites include: The Front Bottoms, PigPen Theatre Co., Born Ruffians, & Vampire Weekend
  11. Secretly dream of doing stand up
    But then I start to think about how uncomfortable people would be if their therapist did stand up?? & start spiraling
  12. I've bullied many of my friends to join this app
  13. Recently I was asked what fictional character I most identified with & then was my answer was wrong & I should have said Leslie Knope
    That's probably all you need to know