Lol @ my mental health degrees meaning absolutely NOTHING in my personal life
  1. Talk about it
    Yes, it is what works in the long run, but then what we do about our other fun options???
  2. Vomit
    You know you want to
  3. Passive Aggression
    You **totally** still seem nice, but slowly get to let out your frustration
  4. Displacement
    Why not just get upset with someone you feel more comfortable with? Will FOR SURE help both situations!!
  5. Avoidance
    You can't be upset if you aren't there!!!
  6. Suppression
    100% effective with no long term consequences!!
  7. Reaction Formation
    Instead of being upset about it, make yourself be WAY HAPPY about it! Makes pathways for very easy communication & definitely DOESNT make you all bitter & crusty inside!