1. Pinterest
    The only real information this will give you is if they have any hobbies they aspire to & what your future wedding could look like. Early on this may be a bit too intense for your tender heart to handle. Best to avoid entirely.
  2. Spotify
    Music compatibility can be important, but pretty much all you need to do is a once over to check that they aren't an EDM freak or listen to Nickelback.
  3. LinkedIn
    If they use it can actually give you a lot of information about their career & subsequently their financial situation
  4. Instagram
    This is their cool, funny, polished identity. Basically this is useful for finding out about some old relationships & if they go to concerts & what kind of foods they eat.
  5. Facebook
    They are high key aware this is the first thing to get stalked. It has been around longer than Insta though, so it can provide gr8 details on past dating history & other basic life info.
  6. Twitter
    This is a litmus test of how funny they are & therefore v important. Less filtered (HA) than insta so you get a better feel.
  7. Venmo
    See where they spend their money. Who are they hanging out with? Are they good at emoji usage? Do they come up with other quippy comments? Are there more charges or paid? I AM SO FASCINATED BY LOOKING AT MY VENMO FEED.