1. Aziz Ansari & Friday Night Lights
    He has talked about his love for this show extensively & I believe this would truly be a life changing experience.
  2. @bjnovak & Nathan for You
    Followed by analysis of which ideas could be maintained & profitable in which areas of the US
  3. @mindy & Gilmore Girls
    Obviously a pajama party with the best snacks & beauty care. Really interested in knowing her ranking on Rory's bfs.
  4. Hillary Clinton & the X Files
    She'll agree to do it in order to show the American public that she's "just like them" (& this show polls surprisingly well amongst millennials). After a few episodes & a couple glasses of red wine, I will start to get answers about Area 51 from Madame President. The truth is out there.
  5. Drake & Degrassi
    This is obvious I hope. Realistically, I would feel bad after 2 episodes & then I would show him everything embarrassing I posted on Facebook in high school as retribution. At this point we would start watching Parks & Rec & talk about our mutual obsession with Aubrey Plaza.
  6. Miles Teller & Breaking Bad
    He's amazed that I haven't seen it yet. Little does he know, this is a purely "Netflix & chill" situation. I continue to refuse to care about this show.