Cleaning out my drafts & putting off packing
  1. Okay so Colin Jost has many credentials
  2. Head writer for SNL, update anchor, Harvard alum, blah blah
  3. His real achievement though is his instagram
  4. He calls him BRIAN Gosling!!!!
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    Surely the inside joke of two insanely good looking men
  5. He notices the little things
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  6. He has great insight on current events
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  7. He tells it like it is
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  8. He invited me over to his place I think???
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  9. He has great song parody ideas
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  10. He asks the hard questions
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  11. He is a law abiding citizen
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  12. He takes Dad level selfies
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  13. He cares about politics
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  14. Like really cares
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  15. Like REALLY, REALLY cares
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  17. He admits his shortcomings
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  18. He looks like this
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    It is aggravating that a human can be conventionally good looking, funny, & smart. What do you have to compensate for???
  19. He calls out media on their BS
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  20. He inspires
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  21. He understands relationships
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  22. He makes fun of many republican candidates
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  23. He keeps it Hot in Herre
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