Most of these were the result of figuring out what took the least amount of effort
  1. Harry Styles
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  2. Snow White
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  3. Hawaiian Punch
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  4. Suzy Bishop
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  5. That horny lady from Bridesmaids
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  6. A thanksgiving Native American
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    This was before I understood the concept of cultural appropriation & I'm very embarrassed now
  7. Sully from Monsters Inc
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  8. Mother Nature (& my date was Father Time)
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  9. A golfer
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  10. Box of popcorn
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    Obviously constructed from cardboard, paint, & coffee filters
  11. Bellatrix Lestrange
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  12. Harry Potter
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  13. Ke$ha
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  14. An archaeologist
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  15. A detective
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  16. A toga
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  17. The white rabbit
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  18. Margo Tenenbaum
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  19. The big bad wolf
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  20. Lloyd Dobler
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  21. Chicken suit
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  22. Giraffe
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    Kind of
  23. Flapper
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  24. Dolphin Trainer
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