As an aspiring social worker & therapist & fan of good music this list is SO IMPORTANT to me. For @kuuj!
  1. Car Radio
    Start here
  2. Kitchen Sink
    This one isn't on Spotify since it was before they signed to fueled by ramen. Look it up on YouTube.
  3. Addict With a Pen
  4. Trees
  5. Guns For Hands
    More about his relationship to fans but still important
  6. Fake You Out
  7. The Run and Go
    Probably my favorite of all their music
  8. Screen
  9. Semi-Automatic
  10. Holding On To You
  11. Ode to Sleep
  12. Migraine
  13. Goner
  14. Polarize
  15. Not Today
    My other favorite
  16. But also all of their music is so good & important. They are my sons. Happy listening!