It had to be done
  1. After they hit the big time
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    Did they straighten his bangs??? Ugh, it's just so large & unnatural.
  2. Baby Styles
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  3. Over the bandana
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    It can't be reigned in my fabric alone
  4. The man bun
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    Practical, not bad, and not great.
  5. Controlled bandana
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    I dig this, but it is also looks like something I've seen girls wearing in coffee shops as they grow out their pixie cuts
  6. The mane
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    This has also grown on me *finger guns* Harry is pulling off the flow, but it isn't his top hair moment
  7. This hat
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    Curls sticking out. I am so emotional rn.
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    TELL HIM HIS HAIR LOOKS SEXY PUSHED BACK. Ugh, perfect mixture of style & curl. Bring this back.