I finally have over 5 followers on this thing & I guarantee I'm obsessed with all of you. So I'm going to introduce myself list form & then you should do the same & tag me in it??? I'll like & comments with all the best emojis
  1. Age
    22 years old
  2. Location
    Currently, Boston. Formerly, Chicago & west Texas.
  3. What I do
    I am entering my final semester of my MSW program. Half the week I counsel high school children & the other half I take classes.
  4. Music I like
    Currently I'm listening to: The Front Bottoms, Twenty One Pilots, Louis Armstrong, Pigpen Theatre Co., One Direction, Justin Bieber, Hippo Campus & the Wombats. These are all on one playlist that I will listen to until I physically cannot any longer.
  5. Activities I enjoy
    Going to concerts, rotting my brain on comedy shows & teen dramas, non-academic reading, & people watching at bars.
  6. Pet peeves
    People who chew on with their mouths open, people who discriminate against minorities, posting to Instagram multiple times in a row, & excessive snapchatting
  7. Celebrity crushes
    In no particular order: Harry Styles, Andy Samberg, Tim Riggins, Colin JOST (my phone autocorrected & I feel like I should keep it all caps for authenticity), & Bo Burnham
  8. Next favorite social media app