I like it when other people do these things
  1. Look at your caterpillar
    I've already shaped these bad boys. This list is more about maintaining them. If you wanna know about shaping, I'd suggest two paths: 1) get them done once & up keep (but most places tend to do em too lil which is why I do mine myself) or 2)YouTube that ish. People have 17,000 eyebrow videos. I've watched about 100 of them.
  2. Brush up all those lil hairs
    I stole this mascara wand from a makeup stand at Kohls. Brush up the front half of your brows! Don't mess with your tail.
  3. Trim anything that goes above the natural brow line
    Don't cut into your brow. But trim the long dudes above it. Use nail scissors I recommend. Sorry for no pic but I'm not a wizard & didn't wanna stab myself.
  4. Congrats your brows should look less bushy now
  5. Pluck that ish
    Anything outside the designated brow area. Some people say not above the natural brow line, but I disagree. Do what makes you happy. Find tweezers you like! I prefer the basic slanty guys personally.
  6. That's pretty much it
    If I'm wearing makeup I also fill them in pretty minimally with a matte taupe eyeshadow & an angle brush. But I think I'm also going to do a make up list & ill talk more about that there?