Inspired by @boygirlparty @shanaz & others & the delusional that people may have questions for me
  1. most niche thing you've purchased from Amazon?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  2. A gift (but still)
  3. What's your go to movie theater snack?
    Suggested by @shanaz
  4. Popcorn salt & butter & a coke with no ice!
  5. Probably Asos. Good mix of fancy & casual!
  6. How did you find out about this platform actually?
    Suggested by @jasoncheng
  7. @bjnovak tweeted about it & I went to my App Store (a trü love story)
  8. Best Shakira song?
    Suggested by @alexim
  9. Whenever, Wherever
  10. Favorite ice cream?
    Suggested by @hpryfogle
  11. Big fan of cookies & cream
  12. Favorite vacation spot?
    Suggested by @Schmidthappens
  13. The Wisconsin wilderness