Inspired by @lesbian
  1. Destiel
    No reason of my own, I just know this is the right answer based on all of ur lists
  2. Obviously
    10% of my lists are about that damn lil cream puff
  3. Wow this is mean
    Maybe Lungs? I could go either way because Flo is goddess divine
  4. 🤑
  5. I'm pro ginger ale
    Especially with Chinese food, on planes, or for when you are sick. Also gr8 in punch.
  6. I'm not a liar
  7. Probably like twice to three times
  8. Litle Garçon by Born Ruffians
    It's cute as shit. You'll be swooning as we have a fun day traipsing through the park or some other cute shit.
  9. Probably 3, DEFINITELY NOT 2
    I feel v strongly about this