By his beauty
  1. 27.
    Django Unchained
    Actually terrifying
  2. 26.
    The Revenant
    Slightly less scary
  3. 25.
    Critters 3
    Actually 17, but looks like a real child so I don't even wanna rank it but he doesn't actively terrify me
  4. 24.
    What's Eating Gilbert Grape
    Still a child
  5. 23.
    This Boy's Life
  6. 22.
    The Basketball Diaries
  7. 21.
    J. Edgar
    Even in the young parts of this film, Leo just doesn't do it for me
  8. 20.
    Shutter Island
    Hot but terrifying
  9. 19.
    Gangs of New York
    Yikes just nope
  10. 18.
    Body of Lies
    Your high school friend's dad who was a hunk back in the day, but did not graduate to DILF status
  11. 17.
    The Man in the Iron Mask
    I can get over how similar our hair looks here
  12. 16.
    The Departed
    I'm really not into the facial hair, but he's still an angel
  13. 15.
    Aging Leo with stubble
  14. 14.
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    I do not stand for brunette Leo, but he looks good here
  15. 13.
    The Aviator
    Brunette Leo is not the best Leo. Not too mad it here though.
  16. 12.
    The Beach
    I mean HOT but in a douchey way, not a indie cutie boy way
  17. 11.
    The Quick and the Dead
    Babier side but I'm into the cowboy motif?
  18. 10.
    Total Eclipse
    Would be higher but he still looks on the babier side here
  19. 9.
    Blood Diamond
    Not mad at the facial hair tbh
  20. 8.
    Catch Me If You Can
    Vintage Leo is a GR8 Leo
  21. 7.
    Revolutionary Road
    Styled to perfection
  22. 6.
    Hair's a lil long for me here
  23. 5.
    Don's Plum
    Black & white looks good on our boy
  24. 4.
    Marvin's Room
    Still peak Leo. That hair.
  25. 3.
    The Great Gatsby
    Our beautiful Leo has returned only enhanced by the aesthetics of this film
  26. 2.
    People will be mad isn't number one but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  27. 1.
    Romeo + Juliet
    I made this list to talk about how perfect Leo is in this movie. The true definition of 😍