Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. Okay so get this, I'm 11
  2. AKA 5th grade
  3. & my best friend is Mary Kate
  4. Now, while we hung out CONSTANTLY
  5. MK & I were v competitive
  6. Because we were both good students
  7. So anyways, our fifth grade teacher has this reading bulletin board
  8. It looked like a campfire
  9. & there were hands with sticks all around
  10. & you got a cotton ball glued to the stick for ever my extracurricular reading book you read
    There were these lil quizzes you had to take on the computer & pass to prove you read it? They were called ER books, but it could have been extra reading for all I know. & there was a color system too & you had to read books in or above your level to get credit
  11. SO, MK considered herself the better reader
  12. & we were neck & neck all quarter
  13. Like all the "marshmallows" couldn't even fit on our sticks
  15. I'm obviously the hero of this story so
  16. On the last day I beat that smug bitch
  17. & then we probably went & played Bratz at her house after school