1. So my friends & I went to go see sisters
  2. My friend Tori looked up movie times & it said that the film started at 10:00
  3. Thus, we arrived at 9:50
  4. When we actually found out it was at 10:25
  5. But we proceeded into the theater still
  6. Where the dude cleaning told us we weren't allowed to be in there yet
  7. (He probably had a long day bc Star Wars)
  8. So here we now are sitting on a bench across from where the bathrooms are
  9. This guy asks "How long you going be chilling here?"
  10. To which we answered awhile
  11. "Can you watch my shit (popcorn & pop) & make sure nobody coughs on it or fucks with it or anything?"
  12. We agree because why not?
  13. About five minutes later he exits the batroom
  14. "Thanks I am like really OCD about that shit"
  16. Obviously we object because we literally sat & did nothing
  17. So he drops the money says "seriously money ain't shit to me" & goes on his merry way
  18. & that's how I made $5 this evening