Inspired by the magic @stevecady listed. I had too many suggestions.
  1. Funny in an irreverent way. Also, no one even asked WHY? The story behind said tweet is also funny in a v dark twisted way.
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  2. Pt 2 & good to know
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  3. SO RELATABLE EVERYONE HAS RACIST/ anti feminist/ homophobic/ hateful Facebook friends who don't own up to their crappy beliefs!!
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  4. Pointing out how ridiculous the term criminal mischief is!
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  5. No one appreciates my use of memes
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  6. Pt 2
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  7. Many liked my follow up tweets on intersectional feminism but NO ONE ACKNOWLEDGED MY JOKE
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  8. Apparently kettle corn has more fans than I thought
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  9. Relatable & personification! Comedy CLASSIC.
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