I start classes tonight. This is how I expect things will go based on my syllabi.
  1. Policy Issues in Family & Children Services
    25 minute presentation group project for GRAD SCHOOL. No thank you. & I have to lead discussion for 1 class. I expect to grow, but also dread this class every week. Also it is at 8:30 AM, BYE 👋🏻
  2. Program Evaluation
    Four assignments. They build off each other, but this is a macro class & im already bored.
  3. Clinical Social Work Practice in Schools
    I don't think I want to do school social work anymore ha. ANOTHER GROUP PRESENTATION. But, at least this class is clinical & can help me in my placement where I feel like I'm doing/ learning nothing.
  4. Impact of Traumatic Victimization on the Developing Child and Adolescent: Advanced Theory & Practice
    My first placement was in a short term facility for foster care kiddos so this issue is close to my heart. Trauma is scary, but I'm so excited to learn! Only 2 assignments. Lots of discussion & role play. I'm AMPED.