Thought about changing their names, but I literally have 5 followers so whatever. Rankings determined by impact on my psychological well being/ if I still would have the desire to date them if we reconnected today. (Is this way too personal?)
  1. Eric
    Friends through a service/ youth group type organization. He was very tall, funny, & listened to cool music. He also had a cool family. Ultimately the night it clicked "OH I LIKE THIS GUY", he proceeded to tell us that he kissed a girl at the football game he was at before the costume party. They have been dating for 5 years now.
  2. Matt (#1)
    Quiet, sweet boy who sat at my lunch table all of senior year. He actually showed up to a party at my house that summer & I mildly freaked out. From what I can tell through Facebook, he is still a quiet sweet, boy (at least according to his very Facebook active girlfriend).
  3. Nolan
    Tall & blonde (a theme you will see emerge), Nolan was charming & cute & he knew that. He also played guitar & brought it to every bonfire. Often he played it at the same time as a different guitar, but solo it was nice. At my birthday he sang a cover of that went "Cara like a melody in my head". Ultimately he was just a nice, flirty dude with no interest. When the girl he DID like started to read a gushy note he wrote her on the bus with me & 6 other people, I died internally.
  4. Drew
    Drew was a decent, hipstery, lil douchey curly headed dude. He said he liked me at one point & instead of kissing me at a bonfire, he confessed he crashed a jet ski. Things fizzled out after that point. I clung on far too long & then messaged the girl he ended up dating a BUNCH on formspring (worst site ever). I was scary obsessed. Covered my crazy & remained friends until he went away to college & deleted his Facebook.
  5. Justin
    This was a secret crush because my best friend at the time used words like "gross" to describe him & 14 year old Cara was sensitive to those types of things. He was tall & blonde. Also smoked weed. Also Facebook messaged me while he was high, but said nice things at least.
  6. Jamie
    I think he was the first boy I saw in high school. He was in my 1st period geometry class & a year older. I stared at him in a creepy way always & added him on Facebook although we never spoke (remember this was 07). He was obviously tall & blonde.
  7. Matt (#2)
    Matt was very charming & we hung out quite a bit one summer. Bad for my mental health because he was just using me to get to my best friend (she was very hot). He also had some anger issues & could be v scary.
  8. Jordan
    He was beautiful, but not the sharpest crayon in the box. All of his jokes were from episodes of Family Guy. We were friends for a long time so I lied to myself to believe he was deep? He also only liked my best friend (remember she was very hot).