Inspired by @jessacosta. No one appreciates my artistic eye. They just care about my accomplishments & photos of me?? Ugh stop caring about me as an actual person???? 🙃
  1. Okay we just look rly good & cool here
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  2. My school looks like Hogwarts & I will exploit that for likes
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  3. The sky looks great here s/o to @ God
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  4. This is a great concert shot & im proud
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  5. Nighttime iPhone photography is hard & this is spooky & beautiful
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  6. Another cool sky. No filter. Photo cred @ God again
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  7. I'm hip & clever & actually an okay artist
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  8. I'm obsessed with fog but it's so hard to photograph & this still looks good
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  9. Makes me look way more hip than I am. I get why people do the white aesthetic looks gr8
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