No one asked, but I am always interested to see what other non-YouTube make up gurus do. So here's a normal person who buys all her makeup at the drug store.
  1. Hey MTV, welcome to my face
    Let me tell you what we're working with: V pale skin, pretty dark under eye circles, fairly clear skin with occasional break outs but no real acne scaring, & some naturally pretty thick brows.
  2. 1) I prime my face up real good
    Not sure how necessary this is, but the illuminating but makes me feel ~dewy~ & that's nice
  3. 2) Highlight
    Okay let's talk about my circles. My pale skin is essentially translucent so I've found that doing the highlighting step of contouring actually mitigates those bad boys pretty well? I bought this super basic color correcting kit & it has a shimmery highlight, but it is usually pretty non noticeable when I cover it with concealer & powder.
  4. Better illustration of everywhere I put highlighter
  5. More recently I've been using a matte white highlighter for my under eyes & im diggin it
    I started this list like a year ago sorry. I still like a little shimmer for my cheekbones though?
  6. 3) Color correct any spots
  7. Another option I endorse for redness
  8. 4)Conceal under eyes
    IM IN LOVE WITH THIS CONCEALER. The peachy tone counteract the purple tones of my circles & wow wow wow helps me looked refreshed.
  9. I blend everything with my fingers because I'm a savage
  10. 5) conceal other spots
    I like this Maybelline Fit Me! Cover stick for that, but most foundations work in the right color??
  11. 6) powder
    Dust the crap out of my face
  12. 7) eyeshadow
    Okay the order now is pretty much whatever you want? Sometimes I start with shadow, other times blush? Anyways a usual day is a nude color. This is the Naked 2 palette. Urban decay is expensive, but worth it! I tried a NYX eyeshadow palette & it was chalky & I had to use a BUNCH of product. My urban stuff last forever & yeah that's that.
  13. 8) blush???
    Just started doing this. Who the hell knows if it looks okay. helped me figure it out I think
  14. 9) bronzer
    Am I doing this right? Who knows? No one has said anything negative yet. I apply it in the hollows of my cheeks, under my jawline, & along my hair line. Oh & two swipes down the side of my nose.
  15. 10) liner
    Never matches the other eye. I do like the babiest cat eye by drawing a tiny straight line out of the corner of my eye & then connecting it to the inner corner line I already made.
  16. 11) fill in dem brows
    Aforementioned shitty NYX palette has a nice matte taupe in it that I fill in my already pretty well seasoned brows with. I just a lil angle brush to get the job done.
  17. 12) mascara
    This is a basic thing. I use a curler on my lashes & then swipe whatever on em. Right now I'm using Rimmel glam eyes.
  18. 13) lips
    I'm generally a fan on the bold lip. Or Chapstick. Always last.
  19. Also highlight your inner corner!
    Using a light shadow, make those eyes POP! with a light shadow. I like to do this after liner before mascara in case it gets on my lashes. Sorry I didn't take pictures. I'm the worst but you get it.
  20. A few variations
  21. Static
  22. Static
  23. Static
  24. Okay well hope this was informative for somebody out there???