I like to think you all would have been in my top 8
  1. im a sophmoree at dgn.
    From the start, a bold stylistic choice to ignore basic capitalization, grammar, & spelling for AESTHETIC
  2. i love music, and i couldn't live without my iPod.
    For a better picture, it was a turquoise iPod nano that I currently live without.
  3. i'm sarcastic, get over it.
    Apparently v aggressively so
  4. if you can make me laugh, i basically love you :]
    You can upgrade to the deluxe version of my love for $3.99
  5. i am really crazy and loud or i can be more serious.
    So, like a normal person?
  6. love me, sweet.
    Incorrect punctuation & so nonchalant. As if EVERYBODY loved me (they did not).
  7. if not, well don't talk to me.
    Pretty reasonable solution tbh
  8. kay?
    Who isn't agreeing to these terms?
  9. my friends are amazing and are pretty much my life.
    Author's note: they were not really amazing.
  10. i'm pretty religious, & kinda old-fashioned.
    Possibly the second actually descriptive non general piece of information here
  11. i can be extremely outgoing, but only if i care enough about you to want to talk to you =].
    Things I am unsure about in this sentence: 1) the definition of outgoing, 2) the definition of extremely, & 3) the smiley aesthetic I'm going for here DAMN CARA
  12. hate liars and fakes, own up to your shit.
    Okay guess I'm not THAT religious. Blaming this one strictly on Fall Out Boy.
  13. i'm me [pretty awesome =] ]
    Just in case you didn't have a positive impression this far. DAMN CARA WITH THE BRACKETS, like??? Could you not???
  14. i'm a facebook person.
    So progressive & cool
  15. if you wanna know me talk to me.
    Why does this even need to be said? Shouldn't they already know Cara based on the above information? You aren't cool & aloof if you took the time to write the rest of that shit out
  16. ADDED BONUS: here's a old default pic