I was never going to post this, but then @jessacosta asked so HERE IS MY WORD VOMIT
  1. Okay if you've been around when I start talking about Whiplash IRL I apologize
  2. No spoilers ahead
  3. Just a list to convince you to watch THIS AMAZING FILM
    & then make a list about your feelings so we can bond over it
  4. First off, you probably heard about it when it won 3 OSCARS
  5. One of which was BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for J.K Simmons
  6. Are you not sold yet?
  8. The music is BOMB
    As to be expected. But seriously, I didn't care about jazz music & now I do a lil solely because of this movie. WOW WHAT A TESTIMONY.
  9. Funny
    In an irreverent way, but still. The dinner party scene is 💯
  10. Miles Teller
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    For my ladiez out there
  11. It's hard to watch, BUT YOU CAN'T TAKE YOUR EYES AWAY
    Can be gruesome, which can be a turn off for folks like me & yet, somehow, you have become so engrossed you can't get out of it
  12. I honestly didn't like any of the characters but was still very invested in what happened to them?
    This is probably my biggest point. Usually if I don't like the characters as people it is hard for me to stay invested. BUT WHIPLASH DOES IT?! WHAT BLACK MAGIC IS THIS.
  13. This movie has bewitched me body & soul
  14. Just go watch it