A year in review
  1. January
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    Me & my sister painted things as her Christmas gift
  2. February
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    Sing Song. But also I became really good friends with people. & this photo was taken the night that we delivered cookies to my favorite frat & I died of happiness because they loved us.
  3. March
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    One thing that happened is 2 of my friends & I pretended to be Chris & Keith from Buzzfeed & drive around one morning to taste test donuts. You can watch this on YouTube by searching "Abilene in Donuts" (except don't because it's a waste of your time)
  4. April
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    My last formal. I looked dang good. Also my date was so good looking every. Single. Family. Member. Asked me who he was. They were less excited when I told them he was not interested in dating me (or any other girls on that note).
  5. May
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    I graduated college! Hooray! (@sew10a 's list app pic 😁)
  6. June
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    Moved to Boston. Started grad school a week before my birthday. I was convinced I was going to be miserable, but my lovely friend Katy flew up & surprised me & I had one of the nicest birthdays. We did many Boston things & asked each other all of the how to make someone fall in love with you questions & so much quality time!
  7. July
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    New England summer. This picture was taken in Plymouth. Also, I finally had Boston friends!!!
  8. August
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    Another friend came to visit. I was trying to pin down an apartment for a September move in so this month was stressful & exhausting, but (spoiler) I found a really nice one!! Hooray!
  9. September
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    Moved into a new apartment with 3 of the ladies pictured. Living with non-randos is such a blessing. Also saw twenty one pilots this month!
  10. October
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    Forced my roommates to go apple picking because they are Texans & HAD NEVER DONE IT BEFORE. This is the best picture we will ever take.
  11. November
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    Went to New York for Thanksgiving. I officially hate parades. (Also, I started actually listing on the reg!)
  12. December
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    I had a murder mystery party with some of my closest friends in Boston & it was SO FUN. I'm very grateful for them & the opportunity to be where I am.