*sometimes to the point of being a pushover 🚨emotional garbage ahead🚨
  1. I have never just lost it on someone
  2. No matter how angry I get I always keep the feelings of the other person in mind
  3. Sometimes I even avoid conflict all together
  4. While I KNOW it's good in the long run to keep a level head & no lash pht
  5. There's many cases where I feel like my feelings get pushed to the side because I'm not throwing them in someone's face
  6. Sometimes I fantasize about being one of those people who walks around like a human hurrican
  7. Saying how they see it & letting everyone else deal with the emotional chaos they leave in their wake
  8. But that's not who I am
  9. My heart bleeds for others & that's something I'm (usually) grateful for
  10. Plus I'll probably never have an assault record so hey that's cool