I've been favoriting everyone else's since @lesbian started the trend. Here's my 2 cents.
  1. ZAYN
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    My phone autocorrects it to all caps. I feel that y'all need to know that to know me. Sure ZAYN is mysterious & beautiful & everyone alludes to the fact he is secretly hilarious, but he never gave enough. You need to be outwardly & famously hilarious. Also convinced he will be the first heroin addict. Also he quit the band so he is lowest.
  2. Louis
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    Never liked Louis. Even when he was so charming in concert. His voice is the worst & his hair is always stupid. Also, everyone says he's sassy, but it just seems mean. But, he's still in the band so he's better than ZAYN.
  3. Liam
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    Okay first, my top three are SO CLOSE together. Liam seems so responsible? He is the dad. Dads are GREAT. Also he is a puppy man. In addition the time he tweeted "I can promise I am not engaged this I can promise you. I'm only 17 I love green beans" is the best thing a human person has ever tweeted. Liam is so strong vocally, I want him on Broadway. Also he is the most conventionally handsome (aside from ZAYN's alien beauty)
  4. Niall
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    The pride & joy of Ireland. My lil leprechaun bb. He is funny & charming & cheeky. I will protect Niall at all costs. Remember that time he used his superstardom to be a CADDY?! PRECIOUS LIL BB ANGEL. Also can admit that he looks like Ellen Degenres (another quality human bean)
  5. Harry
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    My curly headed bb / love of my life. Harry styles is an angel sent to this earth to bless us with his sweet, cutie boy ways. Remember that time in Canada HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO VISITED THAT SICK LITTLE GIRL? OR WHEN HE HELPED THE GIRL HAVING A PANIC ATTACK? He is too pure for this world. Also the voice of an angel too WOW WOW WOW. I hate how much I love Harry styles.