I'm 22 & on some next level Virgin Mary bs because I've never kissed another soul. This is a huge over share but screw it.
  1. My high school boyfriend
    Okay that may be stretching the term, we dated for less than a month. I lied & said I couldn't go on a date with him when my friend bailed. He tried to kiss me at our friend Dawn's house while his mom was down the hall to pick him up & my "best friend" (who liked him, 15 year old me was terrible) stated us down. I hugged him & said "not now". Apparently I meant not ever.
  2. My high school obsession
    I went on a mission trip & a bunch of girls were SO INTO this boy named Drew. Fast forward a month & he texts me telling me he likes me & OH MAN MY HEART IS AFLUTTER. We go on a lakehouse trip together. We are left alone under the stars by a bonfire, the most picturesque of scenes. Drew leans in & tells me he's the one who crashed the jet ski & has been lying about it the whole time. I urge him to confess & kinda killed the mood tbh.
  3. My high school bud
    Braden was my friend. He went to turnabout with me. He always called me sexy? I was 16 & had been self conscious about my "kisslessness" for about 4 years at this point so I was just READY & thought he'd be into it. I kissed him on the cheek at the end of the night & he did not take it as a sign to pounce.
  4. The guy I led on all senior year
    I had never been drunk & I was going off to a Christian college & had a crisis that I would never be allowed to make bad decisions. Nick fully supported this & hosted a small party with lots of alcohol. We ended up on his sister's bed where I basically dared him to try to kiss me & then turned away at the last second. Even in my inebriated state I knew I didn't want my 1st kiss to be so cliche (also he has already made out with my best friend that night, so not quite as romantic as I had hoped)
  5. My college non-boyfriend
    We never dated, but we acted like we dated. YIKES indeed. He took me to a movie night with all his RA friends & then we walked around campus at night. The second time my roommates locked us out of living room in my back yard & I told him about how my sister came out. Got interrupted at a v intimate moment by mutual friends.
  6. Drunk dude
    Well, he was trying to make it happen. NYE & my friend Katie had been flirting with him & moved on to another dude for her midnight kiss. When he realized this he turned to me & went "You want to?" I said, "No, thank you" he said, "Hey, you're perfectly good looking" which isn't really a compliment at all & I walked away