Storage notifications yell at me at least 3x/day, but I can't let go.
  1. Shoe pic in front of my parent's house
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  2. This license plate
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    Michigan is the top rated program for social work. I aspired to put this on social media with a caption along the lines of "OKAY WE GET IT HOT SHOT"
  3. This picture of Andy Samberg
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    His glasses look strikingly similar to mine AKA I'm violently attracted to him
  4. Shitty shot from 21p concert
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    Our seats were terrible, so no good pics. But I just love them so much I can't bear to let go.
  5. Selfie in the school bathroom
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    My hair was doing good things & so was that collar. I rarely share selfies with others, but then deleting it makes me feel silly so idk
  6. Noah Gundersen
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    I only post 1 shot from a show, but I usually take more than one that I really like & I don't wanna let go. Also I feel weird about putting iPhone concert pics on Facebook?
  7. Sub-par campus shot
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    I go to an unrealistically beautiful school, but I wasn't digging this angle.
  8. Stairwell
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    The lighting was cool???
  9. I'm so proud of this
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  10. Still waiting for a clever time to use this
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    I really saw this license plate IRL & it was a great morning
  11. Pretty sky
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  12. Additional Born Ruffians concert shots
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  13. Proof my roomies tolerate me
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  14. Terrible concert shot of Pigpen
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    But they were playing in the audience!!! It was so cool!!! But poorly lit!!!
  15. Cool looking books
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  16. More skies
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  17. Allston finds
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  18. Another sky
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  19. Yet another
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  20. Bus pass
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    Not even that cool but I like how it looks???
  21. More sky
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  22. Empty train selfie
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    Look at my tiny baby hand & slightly inebriated face
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    Re: every other concert shot in this list
  24. This weird smile selfie
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    I liked how the lipstick made my smile look???
  25. This train seat
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    It looked interesting to me in that moment, but its just a weird picture.
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