I'm certainly forgetting many
  1. "Screw you guys, I hate high school"
    From: She's the Man Occassion: anytime I wanna say screw you to more than 1 human
    From: the Harvard Sailing Team puppy pictures video Occasion: when someone is talking about something that happened last Christmas
  3. "WOW WOW, thank you, WOW"
    From: Aziz Ansari walking on stage in one of his stand up special Occasion: accepting a compliment bc I am uncomfortable & have low self esteem & using an Aziz voice makes me feel better
  4. "Texas Forever"
    From: Friday Night Lights Occasion: when I am talking about moving back to Texas or trying to bully @kayvanfleet into moving to Austin
  5. "Bread makes you fat?!"
    From: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Occasion: anytime someone starts talking about how much they love bread / I'm at the Olive Garden
  6. "Ja feel?" &/or "Ja feel. Ja definitely feel"
    From: 21 Jump Street Occasion: whenever I need to clarify that someone understood what I meant or to let them know that I empathize & relate
  7. "Youths!"
    From: I know technically 30 Rock, but I say it in the New Girl way Occassion: whenever a teenager is around
  8. "I don't know what to do with my hands. What do I normally do with my hands?"
    From: How I Met Your Mother Occassion: whenever I need to walk & am not wearing a jacket with easily accessible pockets
  9. "Number one, how dare you?"
    From: our queen @mindy on the office Occassion: I am offended & have more to say following it