I took this very seriously
  1. 28.
    Dean Forester
    It's like a graduated bowl cut & it's so terrible.
  2. 27.
    A hat always. I can only suspect underneath ain't great.
  3. 26.
    Yikes that hairline
  4. 25.
    Jackson Belleville
    Strange mix of side burns & shaving at the bottom. Much better covered by his lil beanie.
  5. 24.
    Mitchum Huntzberger
    Receding combover. Not good. Also he is evil.
  6. 23.
    Henry Cho
    SO puffy & gelled! @ PHYSICS HOW?
  7. 22.
    Doyle McMaster
    Weird bangs that 100% blow dried
  8. 21.
    Taylor Doose
    Balding but in a classy way
  9. 20.
    Brad Langford
    Truly unfortunate spikes
  10. 19.
    So much gel & clearly taming what I bet are beautiful curls
  11. 18.
    Weird flippy spikes
  12. 17.
    Brian Fuller
    Baby front spikes
  13. 16.
    Glenn Babble
    Strangely spikey. Just weird.
  14. 15.
    Jason "Digger" Stiles
    It's just weird white man hair
  15. 14.
    THAT FLOW. But seriously a lil too much layering.
  16. 13.
    Kirk Gleason
    Always a weird spiky style for a weird guy
  17. 12.
    Logan Huntzberger
    The spikey shark fin. At least it's distinctive?
  18. 11.
    Tristan DuGrey
    Classic CMM/ early 2000's hot boy hair
  19. 10.
    Luke Danes
    Major widow's peak but still a nice flow. Still prefer the signature baseball cap.
  20. 9.
    Zack Van Gerbig
    Perpetually greasy but still a nice flow
  21. 8.
    Jess Mariano
    Too much product, but the actual cut isn't offensive.
  22. 7.
    I'm a big fan of the curls. A lil top heavy though.
  23. 6.
    Sideburns are a bit much. Maybe too much product. Still into it.
  24. 5.
    Dave Rygalski
    A little gelled. But looks at those cutie lil curls. Brody can do no wrong.
  25. 4.
    Max Medina
    Nice swoop but overkill on the product
  26. 3.
    Michel Gerard
    Clean & crisp, just like Michel.
  27. 2.
    Richard Gilmore
    Classic look for a classic man. Could ease up on the hair gel.
  28. 1.
    Christopher Hayden
    Pretty nice & sophisticated