The future can be scary but instead let's think about how exciting it will be & not fall into a pit of existential dread
  1. I will graduate!
    Power of positive thinking
  2. I will become employed!
    Power of positive thinking part 2
  3. I like my roommates!
    This small thing takes a significant amount of stress out of my life
  4. I like my friends!
    It's really important to my sense of wellbeing that I have a support system I'm connected to. I have that & I like them. It's good.
  5. I love my church!
    So much of my sense of community has come from my church. Makes a big city feel like home & reminds me of what is important to me & encourages me to grow as a person.
  6. Mary is coming to visit!
    Makes going back to Boston so soon more tolerable
  7. I'm going to visit Sarah!
  8. Sarah is coming to visit!
    My amazing best friend is coming for a weekend of fun/ watching me graduate on Monday before we fly together back to Dallas 😎
  9. So many weddings!
    Going to Dallas for wedding #1. Chicago in June. Austin in July. Lubbock in August. & San Antonio in October.
  10. Plus concerts!
    Already have tickets for Jack's Mannequin & Twenty One Pilots! It'll be swell.
  11. It's going to be goooooood