Still figuring out the plot
  1. Often when I hear a song, a specific image pops into my head of where it would be perfect in a movie
  2. Souls- Hippo Campus
    Opening credits. Upbeat & lots of instrumental parts that could be elongated seamlessly to allow dialogue into the first scene.
  3. Aaron's Party- Aaron Carter
    Party scene. I will impress all the party goers by my knowledge of all the words & amazing/hilarious accompanying dance. Why am I at a party? Who knows. We'll see how that fits into the plot later.
  4. Pool Party Fun- Born Ruffians
    Unrequited love pity montage. In life I am a sad sap, so my on screen persona should also reflect this reality. Key lyrics to highlight while I lay in bed eating ice cream & re-downloading Tinder: "Yeah it sucks when you find someone, but they don't find you. Why won't this feeling go away"
  5. Cough It Out- The Front Bottoms
    Montage of how I'm changing my life around. Lyrics mostly covered by dialogue except for "I like the in betweens, I like the time it takes to get somewhere"
  6. Let's Dance to Joy Division- The Wombats
    Ending credits. In typical millennial fashion, there won't be a totally clean ending, but rather the message that life is going to be okay in the vague sense. "Everything is going wrong but we're so happy, yeah we're so happy, YEAH WE'RE SO HAPPY *black*"
  7. Weathervane- PigPen Theatre Co.
    Alternate ending scene. Everyone loves a happy ending. In this film version where I ride off into the sunset it ends with "make you say oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, OH My GOD, OH MY GODDDDdddDDdd *black*"