I've been working on this for too long because I just keep finding more
  1. Prayer card # 1
    A classic
  2. Prayer card # 2
    Maybe a reminder to praise God for healing???
  3. Baby Jesus magnet
    "Love child" I'm uncomfortable
  4. Catechism shelf
  5. New Years blessing written in chalk
    What's that on the door???
    that I asked for my birthday when I was 10. Around the time I thought I wanted to be a nun.
  7. Don't forget the holy water
    For a blessing as you leave!
  8. Weekly devotional guide
    Above the kitchen sink
  9. Framed communion pics
  10. Part 2
    My sister
  11. Pic from my sister's communion with our family's favorite priest
    Father Ken is dope tho. He sent me a graduation card this year even though I haven't been Catholic for about 7 years. What a guy. Only thing that makes this BLIND FAVORITISM okay (my sister vs me, not Ken vs the other priests)
  12. Giant Virgin Mary, pic of Jesus, wooden praying hands, smaller Virgin Mary
    This corner is a doozy. Shout out to @kelrie for noticing the palms. Sneaky lil bastards.
  13. Artsy Virgin Mary
    U rnt fooling anybody Colleen
  14. Other artsy Virgin Mary
    Colleen is my mom's name, just FYI
  15. Church calendar
  16. This purple Virgin Mary Candle
    I love it so much
  17. Some hymns taped to the inside of a cupboard
    In case you need both a cup for water & to praise Jesus for giving you the water of life