People I'm like SO INTO on Instagram & IRL
  1. Colin Jost
    He used to be head writer for SNL, so this is kind of a no brainer. Hilarious Instagram (heck I've made a whole list about it), but especially surrounding the political circus.
  2. Matt MCGORRY
    Phone autocorrects it rightfully so. As our very own @lenadunham put it, Matt is woke BAE. Always posting great things about his work & social justice!
  3. Tyler Joseph
    As løng as yøu are cøøl with people typing like this, Tyler is adorable & funny & supports fan art & puts encouraging & important things on his page!
  4. Joshua Dun
    V similar to Tyler, but way less into editing. Sweet cutie boy who posts funny & interesting things that are making a difference.
  5. Harry Styles
    Like seriously what even is Harry's insta? Couldn't tell you but I LIVE FOR THAT SHIT.
  6. Mindy Kaling
    Twitter, Instagram, EVERYTHING SHE DOES okay bye i love her so much and i kno it's super list app of me to say this
    Suggested by   @jessacosta
  7. Lin Manuel Miranda
    you knew I was going to say this. HOW DO U THINK I GOT SO INVESTED THIS IS A LOT FOR ME
    Suggested by   @jessacosta