Like so many spoilers. Vaguely inspired by @alanarogerrrrs 's Skins list
  1. Freddie (Skins UK)
    This season got DARK. Freddie's projection of how he couldn't save his mom from killing herself so he needs to save Effy. Beautiful broken bb angel sweetie boy. So, he stands up to her crazy therapist & HE FUCKING DIES?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That shit messed me up.
  2. Quentin (One Tree Hill)
    Seriously fuck this show. Q deserved so much better. RIP bb angel. His friendship with Jamie was so pure!!! WHY DID YALL DO THAT? SHAME ON YOU. UGH. SO SENSELESS AND DUMB
  3. Okay that's it but I'm still salty about these two