1. "I wanna be stronger than your dad was for your mom"
    Santa Monica | OG lyrics that destroyed my soul
  2. "There's comfort at the bottom of a swimming pool. I'm holding my breath for you"
    Swimming Pool
  3. "With tears in my eyes, I begged you to stay. You said 'hey man I love you, but no fucking way'"
    Twin Size Mattress
  4. "Forget & ignore who I used to be, that kid is never coming back"
  5. "When I am sad, oh God I'm sad. But when I'm happy, I am happy. There's just no place in between for us to meet."
    Flashlight | wow emotional instability ruining a relationship & I can't handle it.
  6. "But you're an artist & your mind don't work the way you want it to. One day you'll be washing yourself in a public bathroom"
  7. "Everything you're feeling is common, even though you've never felt so alone"
    Rhode Island | even though specific to the story of the song #relatable
  8. "& there's a voice in the back of my head..., says, 'let 'em be. Just let them be happy." I'm gonna go crazy"
    Legit Tattoo Gun | unf, that suppression hits me in the gut
  9. "I just want to mean something to anyone even if they don't know who I am"
    I Swear to God the Devil Made Me Do It
  10. "Why can't I be happy? There's definitely reasons I should be"
    Tattooed Tears
  11. "Nothing feels alright now. The length of my hair or the fit of my clothes"
    Lone star
  12. "I wish I could pretend to be all of the things you think you see in me. But I am not that guy, that guy just left"
    Awkward Conversations
  13. "& in this moment, I was pretty pleased with the person I was pretending to be"
    Summer Shandy
  14. "No matter how many times I say I won't I'll defend you if I can. But whatever I did for you last year, I cannot do again"
    Cough It Out
  15. "Thank you for letting me borrow your jacket, it kept me warm in a cold place"