*By how valid my reason is | a shitty personal list because it's been a hot second
  1. Getting my oil changed
    REASON: it costs money & I always feel like they are trying to talk me into more because I obviously know nothing about cars. This is invalid I'm just lazy & want to avoid social interactions.
  2. Registering to vote
    REASON: the website isn't working so I have to go to the DMV. The DMV sucks but not as much as a Trump presidency.
  3. Applying for jobs
    REASON: I passed my licensure exam so now I'm waiting on the state board to be officially licensed. Waiting to go on the soul sucking job search of throwing resumes & carefully crafted cover letters into the abyss until I'm a BIT more of an attractive candidate. So kind of valid but also I just really bummed out of no one wanting to hire me. Also I may have a solid lead for a job in Ohio but that's a whole other can of worms.
  4. Looking at my loans
    REASON: I'm still unemployed in my field so that seems like a MAJOR bummer. Giving myself until October to look at that fun stuff *thank ü grace period*